Climate, migration and flooding: resources

Climate change threatens to alter patterns of flooding across the world, and we can expect this to alter patterns of migration and displacement in turn. Flooding already displaced thousands of people every year, and we can expect the figures to increase as climate change begins to change the severity and frequency of floods.   

Climate, migration and flooding: resources

Drought and deserification could become a major driver of migration and displacement. As climate change increases the severity and length of droughts, we can expect these patterns of human movement to change too. Our resources and video examine the complex links between climate, drought and the movement of people.

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Climate, migration and flooding: resources

Placing climate change amongst the causes of disasters

Debates about whether climate change has played a role in a particular disaster tend to polarise very quickly. This post is an attempt to place climate change amongst the forces that create displacement and chaos after disasters.

Paddington: a bear crossing borders

The Paddington Bear stories and film are modern fables about the treatment of refugees. The Paddington film raises important questions about the legal status of people fleeing disasters, and makes a powerful case for the humane treatment of all migrants.

Climate change driving migration into China’s vulnerable cities

Climate change driving migration into China’s vulnerable cities Alex Randall Alex is programme manager of the Climate and Migration Coalition Natural disasters are displacing record numbers of urban Chinese, but millions are migrating into the same cities to escape...

Forced migration and the climate change negotiations

Phillip Warren The notion that climate change will cause extensive and largely unprecedented human migration likely comes as no surprise to readers of this blog. Rising seas, changing weather patterns, and increasing frequency and intensity of severe weather events...

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