Our Moving Stories workshop is a way for a small group to interact with a collection of testimonies from people who have moved due to environmental change. The workshop also explores the complex evidence connecting climate change, disasters and human movement.

1. Participants write five reasons someone might move. As a group they sort those reasons into “push” and “pull” factors.

DSC_0500This give the group a basic understanding of the forces that might make someone want to leave, and the forces that might attract someone to a new location. This distinction is one of the basic principles of understanding human movement.

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2. Then, in pairs, participants read a testimony of a migrant and place it on a scale between forced and voluntary migration. This introduces the group to a second key principle: the difference between choosing to move and being forced to move.

3. The numbers game. The group divides in two and matches up numbers with facts about migration and displacement.


This gives the group a sense of scale. It gives the group a clear indication of the number of people who move in total and the numbers of people forced to move by various different causes. Participants realise that some refugee camps exceed the size of many cities and that the number of people displaced in some countries is greater than the total population of many other countries.

4. The group uses information from the IPCC to organise and explore how various disasters are influenced by climate change. The group then look how each kind of disaster influences human movement.


5. The group analyse six testimonies from people who have moved and explore the environmental, social and political forces that have created their DSC_0522movement.


This gives the group a chance to explore how different forces combine to create different kinds of movement, and to examine how climate change can be one of those forces.

Please get in touch If you’re interested in taking part in a workshop.


The Ganges Delta. From NASA 

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