Earlier this year we were part of an artistic installation exploring migration linked to climate change. While there we interviewed one of the artists – Tracey Zengeni – about her art work.

Tracey Zengeni created the installation African Fragments. The art work explores how people in rural Zimbabwe are responding to climate change. In the interview she discusses her own childhood in Zimbabwe and the visible impacts of climate change – including how people are migrating as a response to the drying landscape. The installation was part of Footprint Modulation series of events and exhibitions which explored the links between climate and migration.

Images: Sound Cloud image: Part of African Fragments on display at the Durham Miners hall in 2015. Copyright Metaceptive Arts.

Alex Randall is the project manager of the Climate Change and Migration Coalition. He is author of a number of the Coalition’s reports, as well as numerous blogs and comment pieces.

Thumbnail: Manicaland, Devure river, Emmanuel GABOLDE (CC BY-ND 2.0) From Flickr.

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