Alex Randall

Alex Randall

Alex is a leading specialist in the connections between climate change, migration and conflict. He is programme manager at the Climate and Migration Coalition. He has been working on issues around climate, migration and human rights for 15 years. He advises a number of key international agencies and governments on their responses to climate-linked migration and displacement. Alex has also served on the advisory group of the Nansen Initiative and Platform on Disaster Displacement.

Alex has written extensively on climate change and migration for the Guardian, Le Monde Diplomatique, New Internationalist, Prospect and numerous other outlets. He is the author of a number of book chapters focusing on the connections between climate change and the rights of refugees and migrants.

Alex is currently leading the course ‘Climate change and migration: predictions, politics and policy’. The course is the world’s first free online course focused on the politics and policy of climate migration.

Outside of work he is a keen fell runner.
He lives in Wales with his partner and step-daughter.

Alex’s recent publications

Climate-linked migration and the Horn of Africa

Can we pin the crisis in the Horn of Africa on climate change? Or is the whole situation far more complicated? Get to grips with the links between climate, conflict, drought and famine.

Climate change driving migration into China’s vulnerable cities

Climate change driving migration into China’s vulnerable cities Alex Randall Alex is programme manager of the Climate and Migration Coalition Natural disasters are displacing record numbers of urban Chinese, but millions are migrating into the same cities to escape...

Unpacking climate, migration and armed conflict

Climate change related displacement and migration are often viewed as security concerns, particularly among policy makers and the media. Headlines in recent years, for example, have focused on drought and environmental refugees in Syria, attributing some of the...

Fixing climate-linked displacement: are the climate talks enough?

In this talk we make the case that the climate change talks have lead to progress on climate-linked migration. But that to protect the rights of people who move, progress must also be made in several other places. You can also download just the audio to listen to as a...

Alex’s recent blog posts and articles

Paddington: a bear crossing borders

The Paddington Bear stories and film are modern fables about the treatment of refugees. The Paddington film raises important questions about the legal status of people fleeing disasters, and makes a powerful case for the humane treatment of all migrants.

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