Registration is now open for  Human Rights, Environmental Change, Migration and Displacement  to be held in Vienna on the 20/21 September 2012.

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights, Vienna
Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI), Sciences Po, Paris

The discussion on the rights of so-called “environmental migrants/refugees” has often focused exclusively on their (lack of) legal status. Though this issue remains of high importance, migration and displacement associated with environmental change raises a whole range of human rights issues that have often been neglected: Human rights challenges arise pre- and post-displacement both in the country of origin and in the country of destination, as well as in the context of relocations. However, human rights are also at stake long before displacement becomes inevitable – e.g. in the context of adaptation measures including “migration as adaptation”. Finally, human rights of persons staying behind are often overlooked.

This conference aims at encompassing the diversity of human rights challenges and at embracing different perspectives on how to deal with them. In this context, special emphasis will be put on the (potential) role of the European Union. Furthermore, the conference wants to shed light on the added value of human rights in the context of displacement and migration associated with environmental change. The conference will discuss human rights challenges from a theoretical and legal, but also from a practical perspective, and will therefore include presentations highlighting local experiences, policies and initiatives. The global level will also be addressed: following the aborted launch of the Nansen Principles, the question arises whether there is any room left for new frameworks and international arrangements.

The conference marks the end of the ClimMig project, a research project funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund. Preliminary findings of the project will be presented during this event. The conference aims at bringing together human rights lawyers and experts as well as social scientists from diverse disciplines. Practitioners are also most welcome at the conference.

The conference will be held in Vienna/Austria and will include plenary and panel sessions. In connection with the conference, a call for papers and posters was issued. About 20 participants were selected to present their papers during the panel sessions. In addition, a poster session will be organised. The draft programme of the Conference is attached. For updated information on the Conference see also the project website at

Venue of the Conference: Sensengasse 3, 1090 Vienna, Austria (rooms of the Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE)).

In order to register for the conference please follow this link: a registration form in German is available at:

Once you have registered for the conference there is also the possiblity to book accommodation online (booking of accommodation via this form is possible only until 4 August 2012).

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