In June we chaired a session looking at the connections between climate change and migration – and the policies that can be used to address the connection. This podcast is a recording of the debate in which a number of policy makers and researchers reflect on the issues.

The panel were:
Moderator: Alex Randall, UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition
Frank Laczko, Head of Migration Research Division, International Organization for Migration
Jonah Auka, Office of Climate Change and Development, Government of Papua New Guinea
Agata Sobiech, Programme Officer, Migration and Asylum Sector, DG International Cooperation and Development , European Commission

Alex Randall is the project manager of the Climate Change and Migration Coalition. He is author of a number of the Coalition’s reports, as well as numerous blogs and comment pieces.

Image credit: Oxfam International (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) From Flickr

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