New resources on legal protection for people who move in the context of environmental change

What is the legal status of people who move as a result of climate change impacts? What rights should such people have? And who is responsible for their welfare? 

These are all questions that are not fully answered by existing laws and policies.  A “protection gap” currently exists. Our resources explore how these complex legal and ethical problems might be solved. 

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More about our resources on climate, migration and the law

We held series of events to debate and discuss legal protection for people who move in the context of environmental change. During the events and workshops we collected feedback from a huge range of participants. The two documents we are releasing today are the result the thinking and feedback that took place during the workshop sessions.


Download Creating legal protection: options for protecting people who move in the context of environmental change Download Legal protection, migration and climate change. A guide to key resources and research
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Creating legal protection explores the various options available for filling the gap in legal protection for people who move in the context of environmental change. It outlines eight possible options and explores their strengths and draw backs. During our workshop sessions these options were debated and discussed by participants from government, civil society and international agencies. The document is the culmination of our research and thoughts and feedback gathered during the workshops.

The guide to key resources and research is a quick way of gaining an overview of this wide ranging and often technical field. The document provides handy summaries of many of the key research papers and reports that are important to the field. While the document is not exhaustive, it does provide summaries of range of views from a number of key institutions and academics on the topic.

About the workshop series. Between September and December 2013 we held three workshops exploring these issues. One event took place in London. Two furthered events took place online, attracting international participants. During each of the events we presented several options for filling the gap in legal protection for people who move in the context of environmental change. We then asked participants to share their perspective on any of the legal protection options. These perspectives and feedback then informed the final version of the creating legal protection document. It was also highlighted during the workshops that there is a vast research base and numerous reports on which much of the commentary around this issue is based. Many participants felt that a guide to some of this research would be useful. We therefore produced the guide to key research document.

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