Fixing climate-linked displacement: are the climate talks enough?

In this talk we make the case that the climate change talks have lead to progress on climate-linked migration. But that to protect the rights of people who move, progress must also be made in several other places.

Key points in this talk: 

  • The climate negotiations on their own cannot provide a complete answer to climate-linked migration. Other negotiations will also be needed.
  • While the climate negotiations could eventually lead to an agreement on how states might plan for and be compensated for climate-linked migration – they are unlikely to help when it comes to protecting the rights of people who move.
  • Progress on the rights of people displaced by climate change is likely to come from other places – especially the Platform on Disaster Displacement.

This video was originally broadcast as an online webinar. We regularly host online discussion and talks on many aspects of climate change and migration. Sign up to our newsletter to find out about future events. 

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